This beautiful gift box includes your favourite luxury artisan soap bar with a bamboo soap dish and a stunning home-grown dried flower bouquet


Our soap bars are made with a luxurious combination of oils and butters that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. A well-draining soap dish is an essential companion for your bar as it helps it to last longer so we have included a natural bamboo soap dish tied with satin ribbon. 


All our bars come with a biodegradable label that is embedded with wildflower seeds. Simply remove the label, soak it in water for a few minutes, then plant it under 1cm of soil in a pot and place it somewhere sunny. You can expect varieties like daisies and poppies to grow. 


This bouquet is made from flowers grown in the Cotswolds that have been lovingly dried and beautifully arranged so you can pop them straight into a vase and brighten up your home. As these flowers are locally sourced and not imported as many dried flowers are, they have virtually no carbon footprint. They contain a mixture of flowers with a touch of yellow and white on a base of natural green foilage.






The White Bouquet Box