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In 2021, we launched the Flamingo Partnership Programme to support women in Nakuru, Kenya to start their own sustainable soap companies. Using the profits from your purchases, we are sponsoring women to become independent businesswomen and help them to provide for their families. 

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"I've always wanted to incorporate charity work into the business and I am so proud to launch the Flamingo Partnership Programme. My love of flamingos started when I was on a volunteering trip teaching children in Kenya and I saw the huge flock of flamingos that live on Lake Nakuru. I felt so welcomed by the local community and extensively fund-raised for the school when I got home with a charity called Start Small Kenya. I have partnered with this wonderful charity once again to bring the Flamingo Partnership Programme to life. " 

- Becky

Founder of the Flamingo Soap Co. 

The Flamingo Partnership Programme has been set up in collaboration with Start Small Kenya with the aim of providing the equipment and ingredients required for women to set up their own soap businesses. The women receive business lessons to teach them the fundamentals skills that they need to be successful and they have ongoing support from the lovely people at Start Small. We help them every step of the way so they can take ownership of their new venture and encourage them to be creative and enjoy the process! 

At the moment, we sponsor an amazing lady called Damaris who lives in the village of Nakuru. She is starting off making liquid soap using a local recipe and we are working with her on her branding and marketing so she can sell her soap in the 'nicer' part of town. She is doing incredibly well and has worked so hard to get her business off the ground so we could not be more proud of her. Her husband has even been helping out too, doing local soap deliveries!

Thanks to all your support and orders, we are hoping to sponsor another woman in the village in the next few months. 

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Image courtesy of Start Small Kenya

Damaris with some of her her new equipment and ingredients.